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The light is absolutely great in these pictures, feels just like the weather is now, a little too cold for beaches..
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im new

Im kinda new in the blogging world, and im not sure about what my blog should be like. Only pictures, or also reviews, some background on designers, my own wardrobe, streetstyle? or a huge mix? If there's anyone outthere, passing by my blog with ideas, please share.
a little random knowledge about me: im a student, 19 years old, and im a girl ;) i attend college at the moment, and my favourite waste of time is flicking through pictures. Just pictures. I think, by now, im kinda a picture-addict (is that even a word?). Well. i am. And i like drawing as well.
I think i'l make a post with my favourite blogs in the weekend. Or something. btw im from Denmark - the teeny tiny country in europe, maybe you've heard of copenhagen, H.C. Andersen or Henrik Vibskov? well. Its all here.
- have a great weekend!

- Are the photos too big? im thinking bigger the better, but really, are they?





// looove these items. Abbey Lees hair is so nice, so many girls are cutting their hair off these days, and i absolutely adore it. Ive cut my own as well. The jacket shes wearing could sneak into my closet as well, i wouldnt mind ..


//these are so gorgeous, im especially fond of the one with the red fur. Its a bit different than all the other skin jackets, i like it.

fur ..

//Random fur .. Im so addicted, gotta get my hands on a fur-jacket, studying doesnt pay that well, unfortunately. Thankyou 2nd hand!